How to get a medical card without medical records

How hard is it to get your medical card without medical records?

A licensed physician is consulted during a medicinal marijuana evaluation. You’ll need to schedule an appointment.

You can’t get an MMJ card without a doctor’s approval, and you can’t receive their approval without an evaluation, no matter where you live!

The process begins with a medical practitioner evaluating your eligibility. To determine if you are qualified, the doctor examines your medical history and asks you a few questions. You may be required to show proof that you suffer from one of the existing qualifying conditions.

In some areas, such as California, the entire evaluation can be completed online! You don’t even have to get out of your house. After you’ve been accepted, you’ll receive your MMJ card in the mail as usual.

These providers, however, also issue a temporary “digital” card. In theory, you should be able to purchase marijuana within minutes of passing your evaluation.

My State Doesn’t Allow Medical Marijuana. Can I Get It From Another State?

No, is the short answer. If your state does not allow medical marijuana, it is illegal to consume it in that state for any reason, regardless of where you obtained it.

How to get a medical card without medical records

You can be arrested and charged for possession in places where medicinal marijuana is not permitted, even if you hold a medical marijuana card from another state.

Also, it is illegal to consume marijuana without a medical card. You cannot buy medical marijuana without a medical card in Ohio any state of the US.

There’s no way around it: if you want a medical marijuana card, you’ll need a prescription from a doctor. The process for getting a physician certification can vary from state to state and doctor to doctor.

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