How do I renew my Florida medical card online

How do I renew my Florida medical card online?

When Florida authorized medical marijuana (MMJ) for qualified patients in 2016, it developed a set of standards that physicians and patients must follow to lawfully recommend and use medicinal marijuana products.

If a person with a state-qualifying condition visits a Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor and becomes a registered MMJ patient, they must renew their registration with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) every year.

The process of becoming a certified patient can be complex and even daunting for many people. Once you’ve registered, it’s second nature to be able to legally get medical marijuana products, and it’s easy to forget that the state has its own set of rules that must be followed.

Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card must be renewed every year.

How to Renew Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card Step-By-Step

Open on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or another browser-friendly electronic device.

Enter your Username and Password to access your account.

If you’ve forgotten your password, go to the LOG IN button and select “Forgot Password?” to enter your email address. You’ll get a temporary password in your mailbox, which you can use to log into your account.

To view your current, approved identification card application, log in and go to the “Your Card” menu option at the top of the website.

How do I renew my Florida medical card online

To open a renewal application, click the “Renew My Application” button beneath your personal demographic information. The option to renew is only accessible 45 days before the expiration date. Renewing your card will not affect your ability to obtain products if your previous card is still valid.

Click “Renew” to confirm.

Select “Upload File” and upload a new copy of your Florida driver’s license or identification card from your computer or mobile device.

Sign your application electronically. Fill in your first and last names in the boxes provided at the bottom of the page in the Signature area.

To submit your card application, go to “Submit My Card Application.” The application will not be complete until money is received.

Click “Close.”

Now you have successfully uploaded the file.

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